Enduro Trip Algarve


12 October 2021 - 19 October 2021


Portugal Raid North - South off road

Portugal, part of the Iberian Peninsula, boasts a rich culture as well as a beautiful flora! We are going to discover this country in all its aspects with our enduro bikes and this through an incredible range of various routes and surfaces such as earth, boulders, sandy beaches, dunes and unbelievably beautiful mountain slopes. We literally travel from North to South Portugal and look for the most beautiful regions and slopes through forests, vineyard fields, rivers, reservoirs, high mountains with breathtaking landscapes and glacial lakes before driving up the coast to the Algarve.

Knowing ourselves, we attach great importance to gastronomy in the broad sense of the word. In this area, Portugal has a lot to offer us such as tasty pork, pastries, fish and delicious wines, to name a few quickly…. Naturally, we do our utmost to enjoy these local delicacies as much as possible during our trip.

One of Portugal's greatest culinary assets is that the country borders the cold deep Atlantic Ocean and teems with plankton, perfect conditions for their famous array of mouthwatering fish and seafood. The days we stay along the coasts, we will certainly not let these delicacies pass our noses!

The raid starts above PORTO in the green, wild North and via tiny mountain villages situated in the enormous pine forests, we drive on "single tracks" towards the DOURO river. Then we drive through the DOURO Valley recognized as world heritage and admire this beautiful cultural landscape. We drive past and through the vines strewn on the ridges of the valley with breathtaking views of the river, the boats and wineries lining the banks. Of course we cannot cross this region without tasting the local PORT and delicious wines ;-)

Our route continues through the rugged Beira (central Portugal) region towards the highest mountain and nature reserve the Serra da Estrela, of which the highest peak “Torre” measures 1,990 meters. It is a region with beautiful landscapes and impressive steep slopes.

In addition, in the mountains we find small historic villages built entirely of slate, towns with all white houses and castles that defended the national borders. After having traversed all this splendor, we stay in a (by Belgian mega nice lady camp site with chalets where we can once again enjoy a well-deserved delicious evening meal and this time (for the fans ;-)) with the best Belgian beers!

Then we continue through high mountains full of huge boulders and we descend south towards Lisbon, capital of Portugal and we stay close to the charming fishing port where we eat a lunch of freshly caught fish! In the morning we take the first Ferry to the peninsula and then sweat out our abundant seafood and white wine from the night before on the white beaches and dunes.

For a short while we drive through vast rice fields and then go back to the beach with a beautiful view of the Ocean and this throughout the day. One of the nicest sand slopes ever ridden! Via a loop through the Algarve (southern Portugal) we end in Lisbon where we end with a fantastic evening!

The trip is an "All Inn" formula which includes transport of motorbikes & luggage (h / t). In addition, 7 nights on a half board basis are also included in the budget. We also provide technical assistance and luggage is transported from hotel to Campement every day. All routes will be available on GPS (gpx file) and pre-explored !!!

BUDGET: 1,450 €

Only flights, fuel moto & extra drinks are not included in this price: outward flight to Porto; return flight via Lisbon.

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