This voyage of discovery goes through 5 Balkan countries: we start in CROATIA and via beautiful off-road tracks we do the countries BOSNIE, MONTENEGRO, ALBANIE & MACEDONIE in 7 days!

The routes are alternately technical and easy to ride; we'll do an average of 275 km per day but this is certainly doable for an average endurist, provided you keep a good time schedule.

The routes are partly based on the TET routes, supplemented with our own explorations and you are constantly surprised by beautiful landscapes, among which through the "Grand Canyon" in Montenegro is a highlight!

We get to know the simple but warm culture and their hearty food and drinks, and stay in comfortable hotels.

Everyone gets the routes ( GPX Files) and so you can ride individually if you wish.

As always, we provide transportation of luggage and motorcycles from Belgium and have a navette of luggage between the various hotels; we also provide a shuttle from the airports.

Usually we also have a medical assistance with us & medical suitcases which hopefully we will not need!

The trip is based on double rooms ( single room option at extra cost) with breakfast.

We will visit some historical cities and still see testimonies of the Balkan war ( 1990-1995) along the way.

This trip is for the adventurous among us who have a minimum of physical fitness.

BUDGET : 1.690€.

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